In Your Home

Drop in visits are perfect for when you have a long day and just need someone to drop in and check on your pets. They are also a great alternative to boarding or daycare when your dog is more comfortable at home and a great option for cats and other small pets.

When you have Barrett's Boarding come to your house for a drop in visit, we'll let dogs out for a potty break. If the weather is nice, we'll probably spend most of our visit outside so dogs who have been cooped up all day get a chance to run around and have some fun in the sun! We'll also make sure that everyone has fresh water. 

Beyond that, we'll do anything for your pets that you'd like us to do and anything you need us to do to make your house secure while you're gone. We'll spend time playing with dogs and cuddling with cats. Per your instructions, we'll feed your pets, take your dog for a walk, water your plants, turn lights on or off, or bring trash cans to the curb.

Got a special request? Feel free to run it by us. We want to do whatever we can do to give you peace of mind when you can't be with your pets.

Half hour drop in visits start at $16 for one pet. One hour drop in visits start at $25 for one pet. We do offer multi pet discounts.